Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Pic - Places I've Been

got this idea from other blog-sites.. yeah, i know, no originality eh.. but nevertheless, pictures that will be featured here were from the places that i've been to.. personal experiences and the likes..

this particular photo was taken during my very first trip to U.S. (first out of the country na din).. and syempre, ndi ko palalampasin ang makapunta sa famous Disneyland. this trip is courtesy of mabait na Ksses.. don't worry mare, bawi ako pag-uwi mo ng pinas next month.. pero wag naman sobra-sobrang bawi ha.. baka bigla ko mamulubi sa yo.. hahahhaa..

i love this shot.. on how the sunlight creates a rainbow-like effect on the picture..

sa susunod, disneyland-hongkong naman.. wish! hahaha..


i'll give blogging a try.. let's see where this will take me..